How to grow potatoes in a bathtub


I grow sweet potatoes in a bathtub, fill it with water when they are ready and drain.

Why cut out the inner planter? That only gives ?? Well…not even a 1/4 inch of extra room between inner planter and base planter. Just wondering 🙂 Is this a better method? Does the water get to it easier? I cant see that little bit of extra room making a huge difference so please someone let me know what the difference is… I grow taters every year in ground in my garden!! So much more work but I get good sized taters! I do love a batch of small taters too so any answer or help is welcomed!

The pot in the photo is not homemade, they are manufactured like this. By lifting up the inside pot one can more easily harvest a few potatoes or see how they grow. I’ve used this kind of pot to grow carrots on my balcony, it worked really well, but I think it’s difficult to create this kind of pot on your own. The plastic will probably break.

That’s cool. I did mine in the ground last year and my grandkids had a blast digging them up. My leaves were 3 feet tall though and starting to yellow before picking

Great idea and I just love little garden things, so I guess I’ll probably get some larger plastic flower pots and try something else with this gardening idea I found here. Also found. Thanks so much for sharing, I love it.

This is not a new idea have done this my self about 8 years ago and still got my buckets I use.them from year to year

my hubby bought me a pretty plant once, sweet pot. vine. So we found out by accident. Now I plant potatoes when they get old & I haven’t eaten them. The leaves r beautiful. But the squirrels try to eat the potatoes & knock over my pot all the time

People mistakenly think that gardening, especially vegetable gardening, can only be done if you have a garden or a large yard for it. The truth is, all you need to care for and work with your vegetables is imagination and determination. We are about to tell you how easy it is to keep home-made potatoes with you at all times. The trick is to use containers designed specifically for this. Looking like a grocery bag, these potato sacks will complement any outdoor garden feature. Using the proper fertilizer and water recommended in the tutorial will give you some delicious healthy potatoes. Check out the full range of instructions and all the steps required from the initial stages to harvesting. Your cooking will be fresh now that you have your native potatoes available.

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