Lahore divorced rich woman needs 43 years of relationship

ایک خوبصورت انتہائی سلجھی ہوئی ملٹی نیشنل کمپنی کی ایک خوبصورت لڑکی کو رشتہ چاہیے۔

Basic Information
Profile Created By:Sibling/Self
نامLaiba bibi
عمر43 سال
ازدواجی حیثیتdivorced
Children/Living with you?:0
Education and Occupation
Occupation:A millionaire and landlord women
Income (Rs/Month Or USD/year):377,000 –775,000 Rs
Socio Religious Background
مسلک Muslim
Sect:اسلام علیکم جی میں دوسری شادی کے لے تیار ھیں.
Language:Urdu ,and punjabi speaking
Appearance and Lifestyle
قد 4 فٹ 5 انچ
Weight:54 kg
Body Type:hand sum ,beautiful
Complexion:سلیقہ باشعور پردے کی پابند انتہائی خوبصورت
فیملی تفصیل
Number of Brothers:0
Number of Sisters:4
Number of Married Brothers:0 married brother
Number of Married Sisters:4 married sister
Family Details: لاہور کی امیر طلاق یافتہ خاتون 43 سال کی عمر کو رشتہ درکار ہے۔

.جو کسی مجبوری کی وجہ سے دوسری شادی کرنا چاہتے ہیں وہ بھی رابطہ کر سکتے ہیں
صرف سیریس سنجیدہ لوگ رابطہ کیلیے کمنٹ کریں
Partner Preference
Looking For:urgent marriage proposal from rich women stay with her after marriage
Age:22 to 54
Education:Not matter
Country Living in:Anywhere
Resident Status:Pakistani
Expectations:ضرورت رشتہ تفصیل اور واٹس ایپ کے لیئے نیچے کمنٹ کر دیں ہر بندے کا الگ نمبر ڈسکرپشن میں موجود ہونا چاہے.اچھا لگتا ہو۔ماڈرن ہو۔پڑھا لکھا ہو۔اچھی شخصیت کا مالک ہو۔
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40 thoughts on “لاہورکی خلع یافتہ (طلاق شدہ) خاتون کی عمر 43 رشتے کی ضرورت

  1. A-O-A
    Rana Hassan here from Lahore . Age 37 year’s old hight 6 feet weight 75 kg body smart and slim . I’m divorced . Qualification . FA . I’m serious and interested . Can you interested so can we talk about my self for more details . It’s my what’s app number 03482809540 or cell number .03017028314 .

  2. Name..Waqar
    Qualification,bsc and computer networking
    Martial status, divorced
    Adress,Islamabad and Australian citizen
    Pictures, 2/3
    Cast,. Suni
    Language..Urdu Punjabi
    Mother language,..
    Height. 5’8
    House own,/rent. Own house
    Demand,& Requirements,
    Educated and from well settled family
    Preferably Islamabad

  3. I am Dr. Habib Presently working in Middle East as Dentist . I am from Pakistan. If you are interested we can talk to each other in details. Thanks and regards.

  4. Age 23 education 10th dusre shadi krne hai Maine koi ache larki hu tab main Peshawar se hu Pathan likn Lahore main rtha hu whatapp 03400440291

  5. Name; Amjad khan Age;73 years but looking young. marital status; Widowed Muslak; Sunni Resident; Karachi (I will relocate to my wife’s city) Languages Spoken; English, Urdu, Punjabi Looking for 2nd marriage Height; 5.6″ weight; 73 kg Education; Triple M.A Business; Property dealer Monthly income Smart If you are interested, please add me my what’s App +923203007200

    💫Gender: Male
    💫 Name: shankhab Masood
    💫 Age: 22
    💫Marital Status: never married
    💫Complexion: gandmi
    💫Height: 5.3
    💫Weight: 53
    💫Disability: nothing
    💫Hobby/Interest: traveling, music, playing game,gym, sports,lots of more
    💫Nationality: Pakistan
    Contact Number +971502795817
    💫 Qualification: Matric

    💦 *JOB DETAIL:*💦
    💫 Position: bike Rider
    💫Company: private
    💫Income: 1,50,000
    💫Future Plans: make it both

    💫 Religion: Muslim
    💫Sect: suni
    💫 Caste: Rajput
    💫Father’s Occupation: his passed away
    💫Mother’s:Ocupation: house wife
    💫 Brothers: 5
    💫Sisters: 1
    💫Married siblings: 3 brother,1 sister

    💦 *ADDRESS* 💦
    💫 Current City: Dubai

  7. meray pass kuch nai hai wafadari main ak janwer say b zayada karta hon .kya ap mujhe azmana chaye gai

  8. Aslam u Alaikum Miss I am Awais Muhammad Abbasi from Rawalpindi I am 40 years old and I did Graduation, One Year Computer Diploma Diploma in Information Technology DIT and B.ed. My wife has died one year ago. I have two kids who are living with my parents in law. My mother has died. My father is living in village. I am living alone in home. My father comes seldom to spend two or three days with me in Rawalpindi. Now I want to get marriage with simple wedlock (nikkah) without any custom and dowry (jachaiz). I need nothing no dowery (Jachaiz ) I don’t need dowery jachaiz or anything more. I just need a graduate, responsible, sincere, cooperative, good mannered, good moral, good feelings, loving /caring, faithful and Obedient wife. If you are agree so please inform me or text me immediately Thanks. 0320 5619361, 0323 5221540, 0333 5199521

    1: Gender: Male
    2: Name: Awais Muhammad Abbasi
    3:Age: 41
    4: Marital Status Widower
    5: Height:, 4,5
    6: Weight: 50-40
    7: Disability if any: No
    Qualification: Graduation, One Year Computer Diploma Diploma in Information Technology DIT and B.ed. ,

    JOB DETAIL: Computer Operator / Assistant
    1: Rank/Position: Assistant
    2: Income : 25000-30000
    3: Nature of Job: Computer Operator
    4: Future Plans: Nothing Special
    1: Religion: Islam
    2: Caste: Abbasi
    3: Sect: Sunni
    4. Nationality: Pakistan
    1: Home Rent or Own: Own
    2: Size: 4-5 Marley
    3: Location: Near Nawaz Shariff Park/ Allama Iqbal Park, Pendora, Rawalpindi
    4: Other Properties If Any: Nothing
    1: Father’s Pakistan Air Force PAF Retired
    2:Mother’s: House Wife died
    3: Brothers: 3
    4: Sisters: No
    5: Married: 2 Brothers

    ADDRESS: H # PD -443/ 1-B, near Allama Iqbal Park,/ Nawaz Shariff Park, Pendora, Lane # 6th, CRM School Street, Rawalpindi
    1: Current City: Rawalpindi
    2: Home Town: New Malpur, 7th Road, Pendora, Rwp.
    3: Location: Rawalpindi
    1: Age Limit: 30-40 Years
    2: Height: Normal no issue
    3: City: Rawalpindi / Islamabad
    4: Caste: Any cast no issue
    5: Qualification: Minimum M.A or B.A Pass
    6: Any Other Demands Govt Job preffered otherwise no problem, graduate, responsible, sincere, cooperative, good mannered, good moral, good feelings, loving /caring, faithful and obedient wife.

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