Zaroorat Rishta Name Jasmine Age 28 Years Live In Canada

A beautiful foreign girls looking match ,need rishta proposal in any city of Pakistan age 28.

Basic Information
Profile Created By:Self
Name: Jasmine
Marital Status:Single
Children/Living with you?:
Education and Occupation
Income (Rs/Month Or USD/year):1410,000 –1810,000 Rs
Socio Religious Background
Sect:اسلام علیکم جی میرے گھر والے شادی کے لے تیار ھیں.
Language:Urdu and English speaking
Appearance and Lifestyle
Height:5ft 4in
Weight:54 kg
Body Type:hand sum ,sehatmand
Complexion:خوبصورت عورت
Family Details
Number of Brothers:0
Number of Sisters:0
Number of Married Brothers:0 married brother
Number of Married Sisters:0 married sister
Family Details:
Partner Preference
Looking For: کینڈا میں مقیم ایک بزنس مین کی 28 سالہ بیٹی کے لئے رشتہ درکار ہے۔
لڑکے کو کینڈا ویزا ٹکٹ لڑ کی کا والد دے گا۔ اور اپناذاتی کاروبار سیٹ کر کے دے گا۔
پاکستان میں اس کی فیملی کے لئے ماہانہ سپورٹ دے گا۔ یا اگر ایک لڑکی کو پاکستان میں ساتھ رکھنا
جائے تو اس کا پاکستان کاروبار سیٹ کر کے دے گا۔
لڑکا پڑھا لکھا ہونا چاہئے،
Age:20 to 49
Education:Not matter
Country Living in:Anywhere
Resident Status:Pakistani
Expectations:لڑکا پڑھا لکھا ہونا چاہئےاچھا لگتا ہو۔ماڈرن ہو۔پڑھا لکھا ہو۔اچھی شخصیت کا مالک ہو۔
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28 thoughts on “عمر28 سال بہت خوبصورت کینڈا میں مقیم ایک بزنس مین کی بیٹی– رشتہ درکار

  1. [spoiler title=”hi”] [/spoiler] i am saif from pakistan city karachi serving in pakistan navy looking for real woman to make a realation with her .you are elegant, respectable girl with high morals. if you like the same as i am then text me back afternoon brings faith,Evening brings love,Night brings rest,Wish u find them all today

  2. 1: Gender: male
    2: Name: abc
    3: Age: 35 year old
    4: Marital Status: Divorced
    5: Height: 5.11
    7: Disability: No
    8: contact number:03016531313

    9: Cast: malik
    10: Qualification: post graduation in environmental laws.
    11: income 80k
    12: Religion: islam
    13: Sect: sunni
    14: Home Own/On Rent: own
    15: Location: faisalabad/ nowshera kpk
    16: kids: no

  3. I am looking and interested in rishta.. with Jasmine..
    living in kpk. pak.
    age. 42
    educated… up to PhD in horticulture …
    but PhD not completed.. bcz of my son illness.
    My beloved wife passed away last year.
    currently running own business of contracting… having a small construction company..
    now planning for 2nd wife…
    whatsapp… 03179973210.


  4. Ma marred hu 2 bataa aur 1 bate ha maa aur abu aur 1 sister ha mara kapraa ka karobar ha laken Amdani kam ha gozara nai hota.shahid Allah pak ap ko mara zareya bana daa Allah jesaa data ha bahesab data ha.ap ko maa bap aur 1 sister aur bachaa mil jayengaa.aur muji Allah ke taraf see aasraa.mare zindage ma khosheya ajange
    Shahzada Nisar Alam
    H_6 feet
    Dera Ismail khan
    20 sal karachi drug road ma gozara ha
    3 sal saa yaha shift huwa ha.
    Allah pak ap ko kameyabe da amen.
    Agar mara batoo ka boraa laga to sorry.
    God bless you and your family members.

  5. luqman here i am interested done master in computer science and doing master in HRM age is 34 married but looking female for marriage from azad kashmir if u wana chat with me for more detail whatsapp only +3113909921

  6. My name is Syed Ismail shah and qualifications is fa +surgical technology and my experience in saidu teaching hospital in 5 years my what up number 03499234227 plz Cal me

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