Diabetes Symptoms Sugar Ki Bimari Ki Alamat in Urdu


Diabetes Symptoms In Urdu

01.Diabetes and Ramadan

For Doctors, Diabetic patients, and general population.

Diabetes in Ramadan!

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Diabetic patient (sugar) diet chart !

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Urdu guidelines for Diabetic patient !

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For Diabetic patients Ramadan guidelines !

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Sugar Ka Desi Ilaj in Urdu

Foot Care in Diabetes

• Wash your feet daily with warm water up to the shins
• Dry thoroughly with a towel
• Apply any kind of oil on feet and legs after drying
• In case of any bruises, sores, and redness on the feet, consult your doctor immediately do not go out with bare feet

For diabetic foot care, contact The Diabetes Centre (TDC) which is Pakistan’s largest and multi-disciplinary hospital:

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